When we travel to places we have never visited before, there is the common practice of sending postcards. Postcards give those people receiving them a glimpse of what the place we are visiting looks like. They are also a good way of keeping memories of major events in our lives. Traditionally, postcards were sent physically through the post office. But there is a new trend in the sending of post cards today in the online posting of postcards. Let us look at some of the things that will make you send you postcard online at  than using the ordinary posting.


The ordinary postcard posting method may take a very long time to reach the destination. This is because they have to rely on the common means of transport such as rail or road. Such methods result in wastage of time especially if you had travelled over large distances. On the contrary, online mail posting takes only a few minutes to reach our loved ones.


On online postcard posting websites, there is the option to customise the postcard you send. Ordinarily, physical postcards only have a place to write your message. This is greatly contrasted by the online postcards since you can customise them on almost every section. On the postcard, you can include your personal pictures to give the person you are send a postcard online a real feeing that it is you sending them the card.


The surety of delivery of the postcard is something else the online posting gives you. There have been numerous cases of instances where a postcard never reaches the person it was supposed to go to or a card being delivered to the wrong address. This is one of the things that highly discouraged people from sending postcards via the post offices. Unlike the traditional method of posting the cards by mail, the only thing you need to get right in online postcard posting site is the right address.



The last thing that you will benefit by when you use online postcard sites other than posting through the post office is you save money and time. The online post card websites charge you an amount that is lower than that you would have used in buying a physical card and paying for its posting. You will also spend less time travelling to the post office to have your delivery made. The person receiving it too will get it at the comfort of his home without having to go anywhere.