Sending a postcard is something people have done since time in memorial. Greeting cards have also been sent for nearly just as long. With the emergence of technology and the internet, things have changed in many ways. Today it is possible to send greeting card and postcards right from your home via the internet without having to go shopping. Here are some of the reasons why those who have used this service appreciate it.


The Service is Convenient

If you are looking for something handy to help with sending postcards and greeting cards, MyPostcard is just what you need. This service allows you to send online postcards to your friends and family, and the best card is that you do not have to step outside your home. You can do everything on a single platform, which is quite handy. Know more about photo greeting cards here.


They Deliver Globally

The world has indeed become a global village thanks to improvements in transportation, and also in Information Technology. You can send a postcard or a greeting card to anyone around the world using this service, and have them receive it within 1 to 14 business days with respect how far they live. This is great because it allows you to calculate how long it would take for the cards to arrive so that you send them out on a specific date.


The Service is Hassle Free

With MyPostcard service, you only need to enjoy the process of designing or customizing the greeting cards or postcards that you want to send out. The other hard stuff is left to the company. They are the ones who will take care of printing, shipping, and taxes too, check it out!


Pocket-Friendly Services

With MyPostcard services, you get real value for what you pay. They offer quality services that start at $1.99 for postcards and just for $2.00 more, you can also send greeting cards. You have the choice of the number of cards you would like to send. In addition to this, you can also choose to send the pictures in different sets. Each set will cost you a specific amount of cash.


They offer Printing and Delivery


In addition to creating postcards and greeting cards, you can also upload pictures and ask to have them mailed to you. This is an excellent way of getting the pictures you want in hard copy format maybe for your photo album or a scrapbook.